Halo Infinite’s Personal AI make multiplayer way more talkative

Fans just got their first in-depth look at Halo Infinite multiplayer, featuring a brand-new player expression system. Most notably, all Spartans have access to a customizable Personal AI; these provide intel during gameplay, like a more proactive version of the iconic announcer. While that could have the potential to get annoying, players choose their own Halo Infinite Personal AI to ensure it “fits their personality and mood.”

Halo Infinite: What is a Personal AI?

A Halo Infinite Personal AI provides “moment-to-moment updates” during multiplayer gameplay. They’re customizable and are essentially a more prominent version of the Halo series’ famous announcer.

After completing the Halo Infinite multiplayer tutorial, users can access the in-game Armor Hall to customize their onboard artificial intelligence. The AI’s appearance and personality are fully customizable; the former is visually cosmetic, while the latter changes the voice of the Personal AI in Halo Infinite.

Neither 343 Industries nor Microsoft has confirmed whether or not players are able to disable Personal AIs. The announcer is an iconic part of the franchise, though the more talkative approach found in Halo Infinite may rub some people the wrong way. That said, it does make sense that all Spartans would carry a Personal AI in multiplayer. Master Chief and Cortana were seemingly inseparable — before she faced “deletion” as part of the Halo Infinite campaign, anyway.

Of course, Personal AIs weren’t the only big reveal at the Halo Infinite multiplayer showcase. There were details on the in-game Battle Pass system, which, thankfully, will be purely cosmetic. The game is also adopting a community focus, which the dev team terms the “future of Halo.”

The complete Halo Infinite multiplayer overview is below, so be sure to check out the game in action.

Alongside more Halo details, Microsoft granted Xbox fans something they’ve been waiting a long time for at E3 2021. That’s right — the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is launching this holiday season!