The Xbox Mini Fridge is a real thing that you can really buy

The Xbox Mini Fridge is a real thing that’s actually happening, with it being revealed today in the E3 2021 Xbox and Bethesda Showcase that the company is leaning directly into the memes about the Xbox Series X’s design by way of a purchasable kitchen appliance.

The announcement of the Xbox Mini Fridge closed out today’s showcase from the company, which also included big reveals in the form of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, Starfield’s first proper trailer, and Jack Sparrow’s addition to Sea of Thieves. While these reveals came thick and fast, one of the biggest talking points is sure to be the surprise reveal of the Xbox-branded fridge, which is going to be available to buy later this year.

How and where to buy the Xbox Mini Fridge

The Xbox Mini Fridge will launch in holiday 2021, so is likely set to release around November/December. Xbox hasn’t confirmed when pre-orders will go live, though it will presumably be available to pre-order and purchase via the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store also sells Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S units when they become available, so it’s likely that the Xbox Mini Fridge will be added to this line-up, too. We can imagine stock will be limited for this product considering that it will presumably be a tough sell for a wider audience, with it strictly targeting hardcore Xbox fans or people who are just really into the “Xbox Series X looks like a fridge meme.”

Xbox claims that this is the “world’s most powerful Mini Fridge,” with Xbox cooling architecture (whatever that means) set to keep your energy drinks or bottles of water cold while you enjoy the latest Game Pass release. There’s no telling just how many mini-fridges will be in stock, or if Xbox will choose to sell it via another retailer than the Microsoft Store, though considering the limited supply of the Xbox Series X console mini-fridge enthusiasts will want to order this on day one.