Halo Infinite’s Cortana has been ‘deleted’ and has a new voice actress

Halo Infinite finally got (another) release date at today’s Xbox E3 2021 showcase. Master Chief’s latest adventure will take the series in a new direction, as made evident by the apparent deletion of Cortana. It seems like 343 Industries took the criticism fans had after last year’s gameplay demo to heart, and the game is looking in a much better position. It also seems like criticism about Halo 5’s story has been taken into account and Cortana’s rampancy seems to have been contained by a new AI that looks just like her but has a different voice actress.

Is Cortana dead in Halo Infinite?

It doesn’t seem like Cortana is dead in Halo Infinite. Instead, she seems to have been sealed in some way by the new AI seen in the trailer. The AI says that her mission was to contain Cortana and trigger a deletion sequence to eliminate her. However, something has gone wrong, and she has been suppressed instead. The new AI seems to be based on Cortana in some fashion but is a separate entity. That means we may still see Jen Taylor return as Cortana’s voice actress later in the game.

This entry in the Halo series marks the third chapter of the Reclaimer Saga. Master Chief will take a more prominent role in the game this time around as the game takes us to the broken Zeta Halo.

While it was originally slated to launch alongside the Xbox Series X|S consoles, Halo Infinite was delayed in the wake of COVID-19, and negative fan response to the gameplay reveal. The poor state of the graphics and the planned microtransactions have marred fan response to the game up to this point.

Fans can finally get their hands on Halo Infinite when it releases on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S sometime during the Holidays 2021.