Halo Infinite Armor Coating microtransactions anger fans

Halo Infinite Armor Coating microtransactions are angering fans. Recently-revealed promotional material states that a single premium Halo Infinite skin could cost players as much as $5 apiece.

Earlier this year, 343 Industries made the disappointing announcement that Halo Infinite would be delayed beyond its intended November 2020 release date. Despite this delay, this massive new game in the Halo franchise had several brand deals already in place with food companies. These would allow players to win codes for in-game microtransactions through the purchase of snack foods. Some of those contests are now going live — and the contest rules have a nasty surprise for fans.

Halo Infinite Armor Coating microtransactions are ‘absolutely not’ the only way to get cosmetics

Halo Infinite Armor Coating microtransactions were first hinted at in a news post that detailed how the coating system would work. The news post explained how the Coating system would work and that contests for Halo Infinite cosmetics would soon begin. That news post apparently led to some confusion as 343 Industries’ Community Manager John Junyszek had to explain some additional points to players on Twitter.

The aforementioned Halo Infinite contests are now in full swing and one player has apparently already won the Monarch Purple Armor Coating. Unfortunately, this price also came with a nasty surprise: the ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of a single Halo Infinite Armor Coating is $5.


The above tweet was quickly picked up by the Halo community on Reddit; the majority of the discussion was largely negative at the prospect of paying for Halo Infinite Armor Coating microtransactions, especially as the previous games have typically let players unlock much of their cosmetic content for free. The prices of these microtransactions were later confirmed in the rules for one such contest on Nabisco’s website:

  • Monarch Armor Coating – Approximate Retail Value of $5
  • Oscillation Player Emblem – ARV of $2
  • Granular Armor Coating – ARV of $5
  • Oscillation Armor Emblem – ARV of $2
  • Delta Diamond Player Emblem – ARV of $2

Halo Infinite Armor Coating microtransactions have disappointed many players who have already been let down by the game’s delay. For now, the community on Reddit and Twitter are focusing on letting 343 know that many of them are not happy with these potential microtransactions in the hopes that they can get the developer to reverse its decision to include cosmetic microtransactions in Halo Infinite.