Halo Infinite screenshots don’t look very next-gen

New Halo Infinite screenshots have landed after today’s Xbox Games Showcase, but they struggle to show off the capabilities of the Xbox Series X. The new screenshots have been lifted from the game’s single-player campaign, showcased during today’s Xbox event, but they’re decidedly lacking considering they were captured on Microsoft‘s next-gen console.

The Halo Infinite gameplay reveal was deemed underwhelming by some, with it showing off a traditional single-player campaign in a map 343 Industries promised is its biggest yet. However, some pointed out that the game didn’t look like a massive leap technically, with these new screenshots also failing to do a great job of showing off its technical capabilities.

As with all Xbox Series X games, Halo Infinite will also be playable on the Xbox One. This means that the game will need to achieve parity between the next-gen console and the 2013 hardware, though the sequel was showcased using next-gen hardware during the Xbox Games Showcase.

halo infinite screenshots 2

Despite this, screenshots lifted from its single-player campaign are underwhelming. Depicting Master Chief standing in the demo’s new, open-world environment, the visuals in the new images are decidedly lacking, leading to criticisms from viewers:

halo infinite screenshots 3

While some screenshots look better than others, it continues to raise the question of how Microsoft is going to convince existing Xbox One owners (or players enjoying Xbox Play Anywhere via PC) to make the leap to the Series X. There’s still much more to see of Halo Infinite, though to the average consumer, its initial gameplay reveal didn’t look too dissimilar from a game we’d see running on the Xbox One X.

halo infinite screenshots 4

Hopefully, the distinction between current-gen and next-gen Halo Infinite will be more apparent when 343 Industries reveals its multiplayer component. Check out its single-player gameplay reveal and the rest of the Xbox Games Showcase below: