Halo Infinite sees the return of Smart Scope

During the Halo Infinite multiplayer overview reveal, which lasted 15 minutes, keen-eyed veterans of the franchise spotted what appears to be a Smart Scope mechanic. A player in the footage zooms in with the AR, despite the weapon itself not having a scope. This is a controversial addition to the game, though it will hopefully be balanced.

Halo Infinite Smart Scope spotted in multiplayer overview

Halo Infinite Smart Scope

The Halo Infinite Smart Scope is first spotted at 3:22 in the gameplay trailer embedded at the bottom of the page. The player is using an assault rifle and zooms in for a more accurate shot.

Also known as “Smart-linking,” the Smart Scope mechanic was in Halo 5: Guardians. It allows players to zoom in with a weapon, even if it doesn’t have a scope. This makes aiming easier, though the weapon’s accuracy is unaffected.

There’s a similar mechanic being showcased in the Halo Infinite multiplayer overview. Though the developers don’t acknowledge it in their commentary, a player clearly zooms in a little with the assault rifle.

This has sparked some controversy in the video’s thread on Reddit. Seeing a Halo 5 mechanic has made some players unhappy, while others are stating that it’s fine as long as there is “de-scope.” De-scope is where the player is forced out of zooming in when they take damage. This makes it difficult to consistently remain on target, making for a more balanced mechanic.

In other Halo Infinite news, information about the game’s microtransactions and Battle Pass has been revealed. The good news is: there will be no loot boxes or random drops.

Infinite’s “Personal A.I.” will give each player a personalized voice in their head. Expect to see some celebrity voices added to the in-game store.

The devs at 343 Industries are apparently keen to take a more community-focused approach with Halo Infinite.