GameRevolution Radio | WHAT’S WRONG WITH SONIC’S EYES?!

Are you okay, video game industry? Since we last went live with GameRevolution Radio, THQ Nordic decided to s*** the bed by hosting an Ask Me Anything session on 8chan, we found out that an Anthem error was shutting down PS4 consoles, and an image from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie shook us to our core. On this week’s GR Radio podcast we discussed all these hot topics and more, also touching on Notch, QAnon, a potential video game industry crash, and whether or not we butter our Pop Tarts.

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Here are the timestamps for every segment in this week’s show:

02:57 – What are you playing?

23:58 – THQ Nordic 8Chan AMA

36:41 – Anthem Crashing PS4 Consoles

43:49 – Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Renders Leaked

48:43 – Notch believes in QAnon Conspiracy Theories

56:19 – Left Alive is Struggling

01:00:45 – Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal

01:10:45 – Reader questions