Mortal Kombat 11 characters you WON’T see in its roster

If there’s one thing players know Mortal Kombat for, it’s probably its ridiculously bloody fatalities. Take those away, and you might say it’s known for its signature roster of ninjas and otherworldly warriors. However, unlike a lot of fighting game franchises, Mortal Kombat has shown no fear when it comes to changing things up. Even in its classic trilogy, it was changing the identities of key figures in its lore and introducing new kombatants. Nowadays, there is a whole slew of characters that were once new and fresh and now don’t rate. When you’re speculating who will be in Mortal Kombat 11‘s roster when all’s said and done, you can probably rule out these guys.

Looking at the list as a whole, you can probably see a few patterns. Human characters in Mortal Kombat tend to be a lot more expendable, especially ones that joined later in the saga. As cool as Stryker is in gameplay, he’s still just a human cop that doesn’t fit in well with the story. When you’re fighting against gods and monsters, a somewhat heroic human with knives and pigtails just isn’t going to cut it. No pun intended.

It’s true that players know Mortal Kombat for its elaborate story modes nowadays. It is easy to wonder if the studio would ever try something as ambitious as Konquest mode in a modern setting. Sure, the very long and complex story modes could drag a bit, but these are the best settings to place the entire roster of the franchise. Members of the Black Dragons just aren’t main quest material, but they shine as someone to make you go chop up 10 totems for a side endeavor. Plus, a modern Konquest game would probably have a roster the size of Armageddon, and we’d love to see them take a crack at that lunacy once again.