The Division 2 and a tourist guide of gaming’s post-apocalyptic settings

As a Washington D.C. native, you know the dangers of the post-apocalypse. The dollar flu that spread across the country has led to mass hysteria. It’s a situation that can only be quelled by government-assigned Division agents. Sometimes, you just want to get away from the same old landmarks and see the sights. What wonders you could behold in someone else’s end times. Well, good citizen, we’re here to help! Browse through our catalog and see all our available vacation destinations! You too can get away from everything but the end of the world. We’ll be sure you’re back before the release of The Division 2.

If you’ve picked your dream dessert, be sure to also browse our available options. We have a wide array of wise mentors to choose from. They’re guaranteed to be packing both heat and the wisdom they’ve earned on the road. Try our Dogmeat package and find a new four-legged friend to protect you against mutants, raiders, and overzealous mailmen. For those with a wad of caps burning in their pocket, we can recommend the “Chosen One” deluxe trip. From the moment you depart your decrepit bus, experience a guided 10-hour adventure. Actors and random passersby will ensure enough action to earn an 85 on Metacritic.

Shotgun, medkits, and upgrade points not included. Music during your travel provided by Andrew W.K. and the Rage 2 players. Terms and conditions apply. Game Revolution is not responsible for injuries mental or physical sustained on a post-apocalyptic adventure. See your brochure for details on add-on packages and possible fees. To avoid international incidents and attacks from raiding parties, travel information may be shared with the local ruling class. By accepting travel to the wild wastes, you accept imprisonment, death, torture, and sprained ankles as possible outcomes. Anyone experiencing heatstroke for more than eight hours while traveling should call a doctor before continuing.