The Division 2 single-player spin-off could be in the works

Since the first game came out, Ubisoft’s The Division series has focused on providing an online role-playing third-person shooter experience to its fans. However, a recent tweet by one of the game’s developers hints at the possibility of a The Division 2 single-player spin-off.

Julian Gerighty, creative director on The Division 2, recently made a tweet asking fans of the game to share their thoughts on a possible single-player spin-off. The tweet follows up on an idea shared to Gerighty by TT Games’ level director Tim Spencer in regards to a narrative driven spin-off of the series.

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Spencer’s tweet actually describes one possible scenario for this single-player The Division spin off: His concept focuses on “an agent trying to get home to their family after being sent to NYC, during the SHD blackout from the fall of DC. TLOU x Division.”

The last part of the tweet makes the concept interesting. Ubisoft’s single-player games are mostly open-world adventures, such as those in the Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed series. This is in addition to how The Division‘s setting does seem ripe for a more linear, narrative-driven story similar to The Last of Us.

“None of the stories have explored what a Division agent sacrifices, and what they go through mentally,” stated Spencer in a follow-up tweet. “When you think about it: it’s a pretty dark/epic thing – there’s huge opportunity to tell some incredible stories there.”

Of course, Gerighty acknowledging the tweet doesn’t mean this hypothetical single-player spin-off of the series is going to be made. However, numerous fans have replied to his tweet in support of the idea. This prompted Gerighty to reply that “[A single player game is] apparently not something people are violently against.”

Could this prompt The Division 2 developer Massive Entertainment to start pitching such a game? It’s currently busy with the game’s first free episode, DC Outskirts: Expedition, which arrives on July 23. Perhaps we’ll hear more when work on that and future episodes are done.