xQc targets ‘influencers’ and CS: GO in latest Twitch rant

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has come out swinging, targeting “influencers” and CS:GO in two separate rants on his channel. xQc is well known as a highly energetic (and sometimes controversial) streamer who played a partial season in the Overwatch League as a main tank for the Dallas Fuel. He was subsequently removed from the team due to his commentary while livestreaming and has since returned to broadcasting on Twitch full-time — and he isn’t pulling any punches.

“There’s a billion reasons to go to streaming, dude, or to go to f***ing YouTube dude or whatever,” the first Twitch clip began. “If you say, ‘Oh dude, I want to help people,’ f*** off. Posting your f***ing toes on a beach Instagram doesn’t help anyone, dude. Shut up.”

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xQc wasn’t just critical of influencers in general, though. He also slammed the way that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is being handled as a game, categorizing the state of the game on Twitch as “kind of sad.”

“When nobody gives a f*** about their game, nobody cares enough to stream it, nobody wants to do it,” he began. He then proceeded to look over the list of current streamers, highlighting that the majority of streams were either reruns, tournaments, or non-English-language streams.

“Like, people have to be a  NASA f***ing spaceship leader to find your stream, dude. Why the f*** would I stream it? So then people stream it less, people watch less, people care less. People tune in to the tournaments, [but] they don’t give a f*** about the game anymore. And that kind of like kills the game on Twitch, which makes a big impact on the game overall. Which is kind of sad.”

Whether you agree with him or not, Twitch’s highest-energy streamer certainly had some harsh words for both the influencer community and the state of CS: GO. And on a lighter note, he also managed to have a bit of fun while he was at it.