VidCon ‘influencer apology video’ costume goes viral

A VidCon “influencer apology video” costume is driving the internet wild, with a video showcasing the surprisingly detailed get-up currently going viral on Twitter and Reddit. The costume features a “YouTuber” crying and apologizing, while also promoting a giveaway and their channel.

While the VidCon 2019 event is intended to celebrate online video across platforms like YouTube and Twitch, this costume instead pokes fun at the now stereotypical “apology videos” that creators often publish after a controversy.

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Over on Twitter, it was Taylor Lorenz who posted the most-shared video of the costume. The video has over 4 million views on Twitter alone, with almost 50,000 retweets and 280,000 likes. User @pugloca has been tagged as the person wearing the costume.

@Pugloca has now changed their Twitter username to “Apology kid @vidcon.” Their Twitter feed includes a pinned tweet where they met popular creator Jacksfilms, who seems to approve of the costume.

Seen below, the costume not only features a crying personality, but also a high volume of dislikes, despite the views. There are also a huge number of ads placed on the video, which can be spotted by the white blocks in the timeline.

Two threads on Reddit are especially massive, with one attracting 22.5k points (94% approval) and another currently at 18.5k points (96% approval). The highest voted comments are very positive and approve of the costume, with one user describing it as “on f***ing point.”

VidCon 2019 for the US began on Wednesday, July 10, and is set to end on Saturday, July 13. Perhaps we’ll see more controversial costumes as the event wraps up?

Even the platform’s largest and most successful creators have contributed to the apology video phenomenon, with Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg creating a video entitled “My Response,” in which he says sorry for saying the n-word.