Xqc gets package of needles, showing the danger of Twitch fan gifts

Popular Twitch streamer xQc appears to have received a package of needles via his fan mail P.O. Box, highlighting the danger of Twitch streamers and other online personalities accepting gifts from the public.

xQc is one of the world’s most popular Twitch streamers. Like many others in his field, he has a P.O. Box where fans can send him gifts if they wish to do so. Gifts will typically include fanart, games, and various other items that a fan’s favorite personality would enjoy. Unfortunately, these P.O. Boxes are sometimes an avenue for someone to attempt to injure a public personality.

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The Twitch streamer was opening up one of these packages life on the air, stating that it said “CPU” on the cover of the envelope. Upon opening it, however, he was horrified to discover that the package actually contained a number of a syringes.

“These are syringes!” xQc said while holding the package away from himself with one hand. “Okay, I’m done. Holy s***. What the f***.” He later doffed his headset and walked off camera, dropping the package on the floor by the door. He later released an image of the package’s contents, which we’ve compared to what was seen on air below.

xQc needles package comparison

The package that the Twitch streamer received has led him to halt opening any further gifts from fans for the immediate future.

“HEY, I’m putting the PO BOX/openings on hold for an undetermined amount of time,” the streamer said in a tweet. “Please don’t send anything there for the time being. You guys are crazy supportive and sent an insane amount of things while it was open tyvm. I’ll let everyone know when we’ll do openings again[.]”

He later followed up the tweet with an image showing the contents of the package. It was a Ziploc bag containing an assortment of syringes that appeared to be sealed in their sterile packaging. Later on in the stream, xQc described the contents of the package and stated his intention to contact the police about the incident.

“Sorry, chat. Dude, listen. Guys, it’s just really weird. I don’t want to give it too much attention, but it’s a bunch of syringes that are packaged in a Ziploc bag and there’s alcohol to wash them and s***. It’s almost like a kit but it’s put in a Ziploc bag, like to use. That’s just f***ing weird man. I’m [going to] call the police, f*** it. Of course I’m going to report it, are you kidding me, dude?”

While most people on the Internet aren’t that bad, there are undeniably a few people who will send something strange or dangerous to a popular personality like this. It just goes to show that you have to be careful when interacting with the public when you’re in this kind of position.