New Tom Clancy game is an FPS, not Splinter Cell

A new Ubisoft Tom Clancy game is being revealed later today, and the main hope from fans worldwide was that it’d be the announcement of a new Splinter Cell game. However, it seems there won’t be a Splinter Cell reveal today, as the new Tom Clancy game is a possible multiplayer-only FPS that may be a spin-off of The Division 2. Referred to as Tom Clancy’s BattleCat, the new Ubisoft FPS has had a few snippets of gameplay released in advance of the big showing later today.

The new Tom Clancy game may be the rumored BattleCat

New Tom Clancy Game

Last month, images of a new FPS called BattleCat coming from Ubisoft leaked, supposedly a mash-up of games such as The Division 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and yes, Splinter Cell. While Ubisoft hasn’t stated that today’s new game is BattleCat, it is definitely an FPS, thanks to the clips it sent out to various outlets and influencers worldwide.

The clips are all running on PC with keyboard/mouse prompts and seem to show multiplayer matches — one defending some sort of payload, another attempting to capture zones. A lot of the enemies look like AI opponents rather than other players, so presumably there will be both PvE and PvP options.

One of the most interesting clips shows that a full cloak ability is available, matching the BattleCat reports that stealth would be a skill that players could invest in.

The reveal itself will come at 11:00 PT / 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST today, which can be checked out on YouTube, so make sure to tune back in later to find out.

Ubisoft was wise to invest in the successful Tom Clancy’s universe, with The Division 2 proving one of the biggest games of the game and Rainbow Six Siege recently getting a PS5/Xbox Series X upgrade. However, the much sought-after new Splinter Cell continues to prove too sneaky, although there is hope another Sam Fisher appearance will happen following the upcoming Netflix series.