How to upgrade to the Rainbow Six Siege PS5 version

Getting the Rainbow Six Siege PS5 upgrade is essential for getting an even better console version of the Ubisoft’s team-based tactical shooter. But like Yakuza: Like a Dragon and others before it, the process of going from PS4 to PS5 can be sort of confusing. Here’s how to upgrade to the Rainbow Six Siege PS5 version.

How to get the Rainbow Six Siege PS5 upgrade

First, players must own the PS4 version of Rainbow Six Siege on the PS4 to get this PS5 upgrade for free. This includes multiple versions of the game:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Year 1 Gold
  • Year 2 Gold
  • Year 2 Complete
  • Year 3 Gold
  • Year 3 Complete
  • Year 4 Gold
  • Year 4 Deluxe
  • Year 4 Ultimate
  • Year 5 Gold

As long as players have any one of those versions of the game, the PS5 version will show up as free. First, players have to go the PlayStation Store and search for the game. The store is on the far left side of the PS5 home screen. The “free” PS5 version of Rainbow Six Siege will show up in the search and say “Free Upgrade” in the game’s title. Choose that item on the store and start downloading it.

How to get the Yakuza: Like a Dragon PS5 upgrade

Just make sure to actually play the PS5 version after it installs. Go to the home screen and check if game title. If it says “PS4” near the title after a vertical bar, press the Options button, go to “Game Version,” and choose the PS5 version. Look at the above Yakuza screen shot for an example.

Like many other PS5 upgrades, the PS5 version is around 20 GB smaller than the PS4 version and that PS4 version is worth deleting after the fully installing and signing into the PS5 version. Progress will transfer over smoothly and all of the trophies earned in the PS4 version will automatically pop in the PS5 version. And since this is all server side, the opposite should work as well.

The PS5 version has more than a few advantages over the PS4 version. It runs at 1440p and 60 frames per second in the Quality mode. However, if players have the right monitor, it can run at 120 frames per second at a dynamic 1440p.