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How Many Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapters Are There?

Looking for the answer to the question of “How many Red Dead Redemption 2 chapters are there?” Well, howdy, partner. Mosey on down the page and you’ll be met with a spoiler-free rundown of every chapter in Red Dead Redemption 2, including some of the post-game content. So, what are you waiting for? Get up on that saddle and giddy up for our Red Dead Redemption 2 chapters guide for Xbox One and PS4.

How Many Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapters – Full List

  • Chapter 1: Colter
  • Chapter 2: Horseshoe Overlook
  • Chapter 3: Clemens Point
  • Chapter 4: Shady Belle
  • Chapter 5: Guarma
  • Chapter 6: Beaver Hollow

Is There an Epilogue in Red Dead Redemption 2?

There is! Without getting into spoiler territory (which I hear is just east of Strawberry) there is one epilogue split into two parts. They are, aptly named, Epilogue – Part 1: Pronghorn Ranch and Epilogue – Part 2: Beecher’s Hope. You may have been expecting more chapters and maybe an epilogue tacked onto the end a la the original game but, hey, Rockstar does what Rockstar pleases.

How Long are the Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapters?

That’s all dependent on how much mileage you get out of the open-world portion of the game. There are some outliers, though. Chapter 1, for example, will take you roughly three hours as it only has 6 missions. Chapter 6, meanwhile, has more than treble that at 19 missions. You can see below for the full list of how many missions are in each Red Dead Redemption 2 chapter and, with missions totaling around 20 minutes-45 mins, you can roughly figure out from there how long each chapter will last.

  • Chapter 1: 6 missions
  • Chapter 2: 18 missions
  • Chapter 3: 17 missions
  • Chapter 4: 14 missions
  • Chapter 5: 9 missions
  • Chapter 6: 19 missions
  • Epilogue – Part 1: 10 missions
  • Epilogue – Part 2: 11 missions

And that’s that! If you’re still midway through Chapter 2 then, I don’t know what to tell you: you’ve got a long way to go, cowboy.