What Are You Playing? March 13, 2019

The Division 2 went live for those who pre-ordered the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game, meaning that a couple of the GameRevolution editorial staff and a number of our writers have been able to jump into Ubisoft’s loot shooter. Our official review hasn’t gone live yet (though Mack has played a lot of it), so GR readers will have to stay tuned to know our full thoughts on the open-world game. For the time being, you can read our early opinions in this week’s What Are You Playing? and let us know the games YOU are enjoying in the comments section.

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “I’ve been kinda hooked on Tetris 99. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of Tetris Effect, which lulls you into a Zen-like state before hitting you with an army of falling tetrominoes, with it being thoroughly stressful from the outset. I still haven’t got the hang of it in any meaningful capacity, and I’m blindsided by how many Tetris masters it has pulled from out of the woodwork. Seriously, where have you all been hiding?!

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I’m playing The Division 2, or at least trying to. The lag on PS4 is so bad that I keep getting beat to death by drugged-up kamikaze dudes. It’s not the first time I’ve spun around in circles while something killed me in a game, but it’s perhaps the most frustrating because other than the performance issues it’s a pretty enjoyable game.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “I’m currently embedded deep within a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., where supplies are scarce and survival is everything. Despite these conditions, I’ve been finding time to play The Division 2. It’s proving redacted so far. I hope folks are looking forward to that review!”

Michael Leri, features editor: “After violently bouncing off the slow, impenetrable Kingdom Hearts 3, I jumped back into Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I still think the game is way too big and bloated, but it’s easy to pick up. Perhaps too easy as I wanted to continue through the Resident Evil 1 Remake but can’t make the time to be stressed out.”