Lucasfilm Games might not be back, but here are 10 classic games that should return

Yesterday, news circulated that Disney is bringing back the Lucasfilm Games studio and is actively hiring talent. While Disney clarified that it is staying committed to its licensing model and it’s happy with the work of EA, it does show that Disney has a continued interest in gaming. The studio, which is better known by the name of LucasArts, has a rich backlog of titles that could be brought back in one form or another. Considering how valuable these properties are, this means there are plenty of licensing deals that could be made that would make major waves in the gaming space.

With these possible deals in mind, take a look at 10 classic Lucasfilm Games titles that should make a return in the future.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Loom

Early on, Lucasfilm Games made a name for itself by creating fantastic adventure titles. Most of Tim Schaefer’s joints, such as Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle have been lovingly recreated over the years, but there are other classics that should be revisited. Case in point, Loom is a fantastic title that avoids the dated verb gameplay of its predecessors. Instead, players create four-note tunes called drafts in order to interact with the fantasy world. The unique gameplay has never been replicated and several ideas for sequels have already been outlined by the original creators. It seems like too easy of an idea to pass up.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Monkey Island

Ron Gilbert has been quite open in his desires to create another Monkey Island game. Allowing him to do just that would be a great move as the cheeky adventure series is one of the studio’s most valuable properties. Pirates seem to be all the rage in gaming as of late, and this more whimsical take would be a nice departure from something like Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones. Plus, we could all use more Guybrush Threepwood in our lives.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Super Star Wars

Making a massive Star Wars game that pleases fans can be an expensive and difficult undertaking as EA has found out over the past several years. A 2D action title on a smaller scale that faithfully goes through the recent films could be a major success for Disney, and they already have a blueprint thanks to the Super Star Wars series. These classic action games were difficult platformers, but also delivered a satisfying experience that kept players coming back for more.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Zak McKracken

One of Lucasfilm Games’ most beloved titles to not receive a sequel is Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. The titular character is an investigative journalist that quickly found himself in over his head as he discovered an alien conspiracy. Thanks to its sense of humor, the adventure title was a huge success in Europe, and several sequels have been made by fans over the years. The desire is totally there for a return to the series and it remains David Fox’s masterpiece despite his attempts to top it with great games like Thimbleweed Park.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Zombies Ate My Neighbors

While most of the studio’s earlier titles found a home on PC, Zombie Ate My Neighbors was a success on consoles. This run and gun title, and its sequel Ghoul Patrol, found a passionate fan-base thanks to its quirky sense of humor and enjoyable gameplay. A new sequel released digitally could show that the new Lucasfilm Games is keeping its legacy alive and that the company is committed to listening to their fans.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Indiana Jones

There have been a dozen different Indiana Jones game adaptations over the years, but the most fondly remembered ones are the graphic adventure games. While that might be a bit dated by today’s standards, Lucasfilm Games has a perfect blueprint for the future of the series thanks to Uncharted. Who needs a generic hero like Nathan Drake when you’ve got the archaeologist that clearly inspired him? Either way, there are plenty of different ways to bring back the beloved franchise and to tell new stories within its world.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Star Wars: Dark Forces

Star Wars is ripe with gaming opportunities, and one of the early successes came in the form of the first-person shooter Star Wars: Dark Forces. The fantastic game was based upon Doom, and it followed a simple formula that was just plain fun to play. Considering shooters are just as popular as ever, a new first-person shooter in that vein would be a commercial and critical success.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Gladius

While Lucasfilm Games eventually became a Star Wars factory, one of their best original titles in the 21st century is 2003’s Gladius. This gladiator title allowed players to build an entire squadron of warriors and then take them into battle. The tactical role-playing game was a critical success but never received a proper follow-up. Considering how few games tackle this popular time period, a sequel could not only deliver on its promising gameplay mechanics but also show that Disney wants to do more than just license titles based upon film franchises.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Ballblazer

Lucasfilm Games’ first title was an ambitious 8-bit Atari title called Ballblazer. It was a one-on-one futuristic sports title that had players controlling “rotofoil” crafts that attempt to fire their ball into the opponent’s goal. Played from a first-person perspective, it was similar to real sports like soccer or hockey. Due to the perspective and futuristic look of the title, it seems like a natural fit for a virtual reality adaptation.

Lucasfilm Games titles that should return | Star Wars 1313

Despite Disney’s public statements, EA’s handling of the Star Wars license has been underwhelming. The last time that players saw a truly interesting game set in the iconic sci-fi universe was the canceled Star Wars 1313. If Lucasfilm Games really wants to make a statement, delivering on the action game’s initial promise would be a huge starting point.

The name in and of itself still carries a lot of hype, and the initial reveal trailer still has fans talking about what could have been years later. Whether with EA or another studio, a Star Wars 1313 revival is a chance for Disney to right one of their wrongs and a shot at redemption in the eyes of gamers.