E3 2018: Skull & Bones Trailer Makes This Look Like the Pirate Game Everyone Wants

Skull & Bones got a trailer showing at Ubisoft’s E3 2018 conference and this is the pirate game we’ve been waiting for. It looks a lot like if you put more polish on the naval portions of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and made a huge multiplayer extravaganza out of it.

Ubisoft’s naval tactical action game seems to consist of a solid mix of player-vs-player and player-vs-enemy gameplay. Everyone can be hostile in this game and you have to worry about AI-controlled navies bringing the heat on you as well. Each player controls an entire ship and has a customizable pirate captain avatar. Ships are customizable as well, with mastheads, sails, hull colors, and more allowing for modification.

We got to see some gameplay of Skull & Bones in action as well.

Players will sail the ocean freely and fight each other or join up to take on a powerful enemy. In the Skull & Bones gameplay trailer, we can see a team of four band together to take down a mighty AI-controlled Portuguese vessel. Each ship has its own special abilities and stats that make for a unique playstyle.

It looks like the loot might not get divided too evenly when the battle is over, though. You may have to fight for your part of the booty when the AI ships have sunk, and it’s only you and your human-controlled teammates left.

Skull & Bones doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but we should see it sometime in 2019.