Top 10 Ace Attorney Characters | From Psychics to Powdered Wigs

The Ace Attorney series has been on a rollercoaster ride since its debut in Japan in 2001. Few series get as popular as this while also leaving multiple games in the franchise untranslated for its Western fans. However, Capcom does do its best to spark interest in this cult favorite. Most recently, the first three games in the franchise are getting a new repackage for modern consoles and PC. To celebrate the opportunity for new players to object to the facts being distorted, we decided to rank who we feel are the top 10 Ace Attorney characters from all the games so far.

When choosing who would be the top 10 Ace Attorney characters, it only makes sense to pick recurring favorites. While there have plenty of amazing one-off criminals floating in and out of the cases, the core cast of lawyers and hangers-on really bring the stories together. It can be tough to parse together the sometimes baffling logic that a particular case demands. Therefore, it’s great to have some of the top 10 Ace Attorney characters at your side to bounce off of.

Of course, since this is a limited list, there are more great characters we wish could have been included in the top 10 Ace Attorney characters. For one, Professor Layton. Sure, he’s not exclusively an Ace Attorney character. Still, his unique crossover with Phoenix Wright was a highlight of both sets of games.

Also, who could forget Apollo Justice? Most fans probably, but he did go through something resembling a redemption art in the latest modern releases. Here’s hoping that when we return to the Wright Anything Agency, Apollo is ready to prove himself and take the top spot in the top 10 Ace Attorney characters. Or, at the very least, we hope he’s ready to win a few cases this time around.