10 Burnout-like games Dangerous Driving fans should also play

Anyone who picks up Dangerous Driving is looking for a particular type of thrill. It’s something that used to be common in games but has more or less fallen by the wayside when it comes to virtual driving. The arcade racer is an uncommon sight, but there are still plenty of releases that hold the torch in one way or another. So, if you’re looking for other games that capture the spirit of Burnout, we did the work for you. Here are 10 Burnout alternatives to try after you blaze through Dangerous Driving‘s campaign.

Now, it is clear that each of the 10 Burnout alternatives listed here isn’t a perfect match. Because arcade racers are less than common, the list becomes a big scattershot unless you include retro titles. Even Paradise has problems compared to the peak of the series. However, you should go in looking for a varied diet. You can find every aspect of Burnout replicated somewhere among the collection. Furthermore, if you just like a single aspect of the experience, you’ll find a game that focuses in on that. You might like that Burnout alternative more than the original game!

But it’s clear that the world needs more Burnout alternatives. There’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a realistic car and then smashing it as if you were in a cartoon. With the requirements of big games nowadays, it’s harder and harder to make that a reality, but it’s not impossible. Much like how Doom captured old-school FPS with a new coat of paint, it’s possible that some developer can find a Burnout alternative with a huge budget. Hey, maybe it will even be EA, the current holders of Criterion’s legacy. It’s a little harder to believe given the publisher’s current track record, but who knows? History is full of surprises.