Burnout spiritual successor Dangerous Driving doesn’t include a soundtrack

A Burnout spiritual successor is out this week and it doesn’t include a soundtrack. Despite music being seen as a key part of the original Burnout experience, Dangerous Driving is looking to Spotify-integration to provide the auditory atmosphere for the game. Developer Three Fields is led by Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, co-founders of Criterion which developed the original Burnout series.

According to our very own GameRevolution review of Dangerous Driving, the game lacks a traditional soundtrack. Instead, Dangerous Driving allows Spotify integration. It isn’t available to all, however. Only Spotify Premium subscribers are able to utilize the feature. According to an FAQ on the game’s website, “We have long believed that racing games shouldn’t have just one soundtrack. Music, especially the music you drive to, is incredibly personal – and changes based on your mood. It would be hard to have just one soundtrack that suited all players in all those moments. (Even if it was possible it would be beyond the budget of an independent developer.)” The developer Three Fields Entertainment has also provided a playlist in Spotify named “Three Fields” including its ideal songs for the game.

Despite being the sole way to play music in the game, Dangerous Driving doesn’t appear to have smoothly implemented the Spotify integration as of yet. The FAQ states that, in the game’s audio menu, players can turn on the feature and then control it within the game. However, the very next paragraph states, “Currently you’ll need to go out to the Spotify app on the device you’re playing on e.g. PlayStation4 or Xbox / PC to choose the playlist but this is something that we hope to integrate even further in the future.”

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