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Battlefield Firestorm Free-to-Play | Is BF Firestorm a F2P game?

When Battlefield 5 released last year, the expected battle royale mode was not available to play at launch. We now know that this mode is called Firestorm, and will involve vehicles and hackable safes on a larger map, introducing new mechanics to the battle royale arena. While Firestorm is currently a game mode within Battlefield 5, many players are wondering if they need to buy the full game to get access to the battle royale. It’s not exactly clear whether Battlefield Firestorm free-to-play will make it available for anyone to play, so read on to find out is BF Firestorm a free-to-play game?

Is Battlefield Firestorm free-to-play?

Battlefield Firestorm Free-To-Play

Many battle royale games are based on a free-to-play model, with both Fortnite and Apex Legends available for anyone to play without cost. However, you will need to buy a copy of Battlefield 5 before you can get access to the Firestorm battle royale mode, as the game is not free-to-play. This mode was advertised as a major part of the game when it was announced at E3 last year, so it’s not surprising that EA is keeping the Firestorm battle royale mode exclusive to owners of the full game, at least for now.

There haven’t yet been any announcements on what role microtransactions or cosmetic items will play in Firestorm, as most of what we’ve heard has focused on the massive map. The absence of a Battlefield Firestorm free-to-play model might suggest that EA is trying a different approach to cosmetic items, as most games of this genre rely on cosmetics as a source of income. While EA has introduced a real-money currency since the release of the game, attaching a wider system of microtransactions within the full game could be an unpopular choice for those who’ve already invested in the game.

However, if you were hoping to jump into the new Firestorm mode but don’t own the full game, then Apex Legends might provide a similar experience for you to try. This game was also published by EA, but developed by the Titanfall studio Respawn, and is completely free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the option to purchase cosmetics. While you won’t find any vehicles or hackable safes, Apex Legends had the best release of any battle royale game to date, and still retains a massive player count.

Will Battlefield Firestorm go free-to-play?

Battlefield Firestorm Free-to-Play

Battlefield 5‘s battle royale is not currently available for just anyone to play, with owners of the game having exclusive access to Firestorm. However, it’s possible that EA could transform this mode into a standalone, free-to-play game, available for anyone to play without having first bought Battlefield 5. Looking at the success of EA’s other battle royale, Apex Legends, it’s not yet clear how they are hoping to profit out of the new mode. If there is sufficient demand for cosmetic items in Firestorm, providing a more consistent source of income, then EA may favor making this game accessible for anyone to play.

EA hasn’t made any official announcements on this topic, so nothing is set in stone. Of course, before Firestorm is potentially made into a free-to-play, EA could also make the game mode free-to-play for a limited time only. We’ve seen EA try this marketing ploy before, giving free access to a game over a weekend, and they could definitely attempt something similar in the future. However, Firestorm will likely remain exclusive to owners of the game for a while, so if you were really hoping to jump into the battle royale you may want to consider buying a copy of the game early on.