Battlefield 5 Currency Spotted in Latest Leak, Arriving Next Month

A recent leak of Battlefield 5 news was posted on the game’s Reddit this week that detailed some information about the incoming Battlefield 5 currency. The currency will arrive in mid-January and, staying true to its word, EA has confirmed it will only be used to purchase cosmetic items in the game. The introduction of the premium currency will come along with a slew of changes and fixes to the game after Dice set out its priorities for the game.

The Battlefield 5 currency information was shared by Redditor Spanky008, and the image gives us a few details to work with. The currency looks like it’ll be arriving on January 18, and it looks set to cost you a fair few dollars. The image shared shows the Battlefield 5 currency package for 6000 coins, which are priced at $49.99. We’re not sure what the items you’ll be able to purchase will set you back so it’ll be interesting to see how the game manages to justify the price of its premium currency.

What we do know though is that the introduction of the currency won’t give players who buy into it an upper-hand in the game. EA has been pretty vocal about Battlefield 5 not having any lootboxes at launch or throughout the game’s lifespan. And it seems to be sticking to its word after confirming that the introduction of the Battlefield 5 Currency will only be used to pick up new cosmetic items.

The customization options offered in multiplayer have been fairly divisive, with a lot of layers saying that the ability to pimp up your gun and soldier’s outfit doesn’t fit the tone of the game. While Dice has given way to player feedback in recent weeks, with the decision to revert the game’s Time to Kill values after a fair bit of backlash, it seems like the customization options aren’t going to be dialed back anytime soon, well, not if the game wants to make the most of its incoming currency scheme.

The new currency model won’t be the only changes we see in Battlefield 5 over the coming months. We recently got a taste of what’s being prioritized by the dev team after details about the changes to rifle scopes, ledge design, and more were all confirmed to see some changes in the near future.