Battlefield 5 TTK Changes Rolled Back to Original Values

EA DICE has reverted the Battlefield 5 TTK (time to kill) changes back to their original state less than a week after making the controversial changes. In a letter to players, the developer said that “clearly we didn’t get it right.” Fans were seemingly happy about the changes, saying that the original TTK values offer a better experience for players new and old.

The changes in question were introduced late last Friday, with DICE explaining that the hope was that an increased TTK ratio would mean that new players would be more likely to stay logged in. The TTK changes meant that, on average, it took an extra shot to kill or be killed. However, due to having no effect with new players or because of an overwhelming backlash to the changes, DICE has decided to revert the TTK ratio to its original state.

Along with the announcement, DICE explained that the short-lived changes had given it “a better idea of how to improve the game going forward, [with the devs having] already begun taking steps to improve the experience for all [of their] players.” The announcement goes on to say that players can expect different gameplay changes in the near future, but DICE is remaining silent on what exactly these improvements will be.

As for how the reverted changes have gone down with fans? Well, they all seem pretty pleased. Many fans simply ran with the changes, with one player explaining that the original TTK value offers an experience for new players “where they will be rewarded for their aim, teamwork, and situational awareness.”

We’ll have to wait and see if this puts an end to what’s been a strained relationship between DICE and the Battlefield community as of late. Though with some fans already turning their attention to the state of the game’s customization features, it seems that DICE still has a long way to go until that relationship is rosy once again.