Battlefield 5 Time to Kill Changes Have Managed To Annoy Fans Even More

EA DICE has put the latest update for their World War 2 shooter live, introducing some Battlefield 5 Time to Kill (TTK) changes, and has managed to somehow annoy more players in the process. Much of the reaction to the changes are broad attacks towards the game, while others lean towards becoming increasingly vocal regarding some of the changes. It’s the first change that comes as part of Battlefield 5‘s December roadmap, which includes a few other tweaks during the month.

The changes come after DICE suggested that there was a direct correlation between players being murdered too easily in-game, leading to players simply logging off rather than “learn how to become more proficient at Battlefield 5.”

Interestingly, DICE has confirmed that none of the weapons have been nerfed in any way. Instead, the changes come to the damage a player takes from a weapon – it might sound like the same thing but apparently it’s different. Headshot damage remains unchanged from the original TTK ratio, though damage to the upper and lower body, as well as hands and feet, has been reduced from 1.00 to 0.85. In essence, Dice reckons these changes mean that it will “take on average one more bullet to kill with the weapons that are affected.”

It means that Assault Rifles and SMGs will no longer earn you a kill with four body shots. This goes for a wide range of the weapons, except the Buckshot Shotgun and Bolt Action Rifle, both of which remain in their original states for damage. There’s minor changes to the Slug Shotgun, which deals slightly less damage when you hit the arm or leg of a player.

Much of the feedback given to the changes have been appropriated by fans to simply moan about the game again. Though some players have bemoaned the changes, with one saying that “the TTK was the main reason I bought this, felt so much better than BF1.” Whether or not the changes will see more players stick with Battlefield 5 remains to be seen but what is pretty clear is that fans are still pretty angry at Dice for some reason.