Battlefield 5 December Update Release Date Revealed

EA DICE has officially announced the Battlefield 5 December update release date. The reveal, which was made on November 15, explains what players could expect when the first post-launch drop is released on Tuesday, December 4, and features a new game mode, plus the conclusion of the game’s War Stories.

In a Youtube livestream that was held to celebrate the Battlefield 5 deluxe edition, DICE offered up more information on the features that it had tentatively talked about ahead of the game’s release. The first piece of new content revealed by DICE was a free map called Panzerstorm. A tank-oriented map, which is set in Belgium, showed off some PvP action as one team tried to take out the enemy’s tanks without being blown to pieces. The farm and barns setting give an idea of how combat will work between the two opposing teams. The Panzerstorm map has been co-produced by DICE’s LA studio.

The Practice Range – a game mode carried over from Battlefield 4 – was also given air time by DICE. As its title suggests, players are able to practice with the different weapons and vehicles present in Battlefield 5. This lets them test out what arsenal they prefer before heading online to try and rack up plenty of kills. Target dummies are on hand in this game mode to give players a better understanding of each weapon’s range, damage, and scopes.

Vehicle customization will also be patched into Battlefield 5 during the same update. The final chapter in Battlefield 5‘s War Stories single-player campaign – The Last Tiger – will also be made available for players to complete. The first Tides of War chapter will be released two days later on December 6 too. Titled “Overture”, a new style of character progression will be added, alongside new cosmetics, missions,  and in-game challenges. Battlefield 5 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.