Upcoming Battlefield 5 Update Will Address Vaulting, Netcode, Kill Cams, Animation, and More

Following community feedback, Battlefield 5 will receive some major changes in future updates. Developer DICE said it plans to address vaulting, ledge grabs, animation consistency, kill cams, and netcode in a future Battlefield 5 update. The studio recently faced backlash regarding time to kill changes, but has since reverted these changes.

Florian Le Bihan, a core gameplay designer at DICE, shared the news on Twitter. Le Bihan, who was previously a pro Battlefield player for esports organization, FNATIC, laid out the long list of improvements. Le Bihan named vaulting and ledge grab, death experience (killcams), animation consistency, weapon ADS while moving, scope glint, flare guns, ragdolls, damage and health communication, and netcode as issues that needed addressing. He went on to show off some work-in-progress footage of vaulting and ledge-grabbing improvements.

A number of these gameplay improvements have been oft-requested by fans. Scope glint, a visual effect from rifle scopes, is getting reworked to better reflect the kind of scope and where an enemy is. The changes to vaulting and ledge-grabbing will make it easier to predict what players can and can’t perform these actions to, while also adding animation clarity.

DICE is also looking into other issues, like Nvidia Inspector exploits that make Battlefield 5 look similar to Fortnite. Battlefield 5 has had a rough first month, with bugs and problems cropping up throughout the first-person shooter. Even before launch, bickering and backlash from the community cropped up following the inclusion of women as soldiers in game. The game’s implementation of PC ray-tracing (RTX/DXR) saw major performance issues that have since been addressed.

Last Friday saw a major Battlefield 5 update alter time-to-kill (TTK), to the chagrin of many fans. Today was DICE revert TTK to what it was before the update. Fan response to the TTK changes were so negative the developer saw fit to simply revert them. DICE is listening to its community, it’s just a matter of who they want to please: casual players or the hardcore. The studio is probably hoping the upcoming changes will be enjoyed by everybody.