Give Battlefield Firestorm feedback in latest BF5 Community Survey

You are now able to give your Battlefield Firestorm feedback in a community survey. The survey follows the recent release of Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode and asks a wide range of questions. The topics range from player feedback on EA and Dice’s community staff as well as how much players are enjoying Firestorm so far.

Head of community at Dice Ben Walke made the call out for players to respond to the Battlefield Firestorm feedback survey on Twitter. Walke says the survey for March takes less than five minutes.

The survey begins with numerous questions about the performance of the “Community Team.” This is followed by a question about what website or platform you use to engage with the community. The survey then asks for feedback on Dice’s regularly community activities, “Community Broadcasts” and “This Week in Battlefield.

Away from community questions, the survey asks for your favorite map, if RSP (Rental Server Program) is important to you, and your opinion on Battlefield Firestorm. The survey concludes with a bit of levity, asking “Do you like Tractors?” Tractor detractors will be disappointed, as the answers are: “Yes,” “Of course,” “They are all I can think of, day and night.”

Community surveys are a tool used by several studios to get some immediate feedback on current games or future plans. Persona developer Atlus recently released a survey asking what platforms players would desire to have its games on as well as what they were looking for in a Persona 6 title.

Battlefield Firestorm was released on March 25, you can read the GameRevolution review here. If you are completely fresh to Firestorm, there was a gameplay trailer shortly before release then we can guide you with some starter tips. For those already taking part, you may be wondering if a Firestorm duos mode is on the horizon.