Atlus asks fans: Do you want Persona 6? Persona online RPG? A fighting game?

Persona series developer Atlus recently published surveys in Japan and the USA. The questionnaires asked various questions about the company’s future projects including Persona 6. The topics ranged from what popular games should receive DLC or be remastered, to what platforms games should be released on.

The survey opened by asking fans which series they’d most want to see a new entry in, including Dragon’s Crown, Persona Q, and Devil Summoner. The platform-related questions asked what platform future Persona titles should be released on. Across both surveys, the options collectively included PlayStation 4, PSVR, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and mobile. The interesting omissions were older portable platforms like the Nintendo DS and PS Vita. The surveys also asked fans what kind of Persona game they would like in the future. The option ranged from the obvious, Persona 6, to the more out-of-the-box, a Persona online RPG. Other options included a board game, a turn-based RPG, or an action adventure title.

In addition to Persona, the developer asked about sequels, DLC, and remakes for other popular titles like Catherine and Shin Megami. Atlus asking about a Catherine remake is interesting considering Catherine: Full Body is already an existing updated version of the game. Catherine: Full Body is already available in Japan and is scheduled for a September release in the US. Other questions, which pertain to specific titles, included asking fans their thoughts on pre-ordering games, whether they purchase physical or digital games, as well as if they buy special editions and merchandise. Atlus also asked where their game’s fans got their gaming news.

The surveys come at a time when there is significant speculation about a Nintendo Switch version of Persona 5, Persona 5 S. Recent reports stated a fall 2019 release date is expected for the Switch version. If you can’t wait for your Persona x Nintendo fix, a pixel artist recently mocked up what Persona 5 would look like on a Game Boy Advance.