Catherine Full Body release date announced for September

Catherine Full Body finally has a release date. Atlus announced the remake of 2011’s puzzle-platformer Catherine in December 2017 and brings a slew of new features to the game. The Catherine Full Body release date is September 3.

Several physical versions of the game will be available when it comes out. The standard $59.99 launch edition includes a copy of the game and a limited edition metal case. There is also a $79.99 “Heart’s Desire” edition that includes the metal case, a sheep plushy, the game’s soundtrack, a hardcover art book, and a collector’s box alongside the game.

Catherine Full Body adds a lot of new content to the love triangle, puzzle adventure of the original game that came out in 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For starters, a new character, Rin, is being introduced to the game’s story. Rin is yet another woman named Catherine (or Katherine) who has the hots for Vincent. The new story content comes alongside brand-new music, better visuals, and online multiplayer. Rin brings with her dozens of new cutscenes, cinematics, and a helping of new puzzles. Full Body has over 500 puzzles, more than twice that of the original release. There is also an option to use a new “Safety Mode” that allows players to simply enjoy the story and let the game complete the puzzles.

The game’s main cast returns, with Troy Baker as Vincent, Laura Bailey as Catherine, and Michelle Ruff as Katherine. Brianna Knickerbocker plays newcomer Rin. Catherine Full Body also includes a dual audio option, allowing players to choose between the English voice-acting or Japanese VO.

The Catherine Full Body release date only pertains to the PS4 version of the game, as Atlus decided to cancel the PS Vita port for Western markets. A new trailer was released today, showcasing the game’s unique style and story.