Catherine: Full Body Remake Will Have New Endings, Love Interest

The rumors were true, as Catherine: Full Body has been officially announced for PS4 and Vita. This full remake of the 2011 PS3 and Xbox 360 game will be coming sometime in the near future. Though it is a remaster of the game for newer systems, it will actually have a lot of new additions and features that weren’t available in the original.

This was all revealed in the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu (via Persona Central), including details on the new features that will be in Catherine: Full Body. For one, development on the remake is being done by both Atlus and the recently formed Studio Zero who is also working on Project Re Fantasy.

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A significant number of new anime cutscenes, episodes, events, and even endings are being added to Catherine: Full Body. There will be an additional way to move blocks during the platforming sections, as well as more difficulty modes and assistance systems to choose from while playing. Online battles will be introduced, and there will be cross-save between the PS4 and Vita versions of the game.

Catherine Full Body Remake

Perhaps the most important and biggest change is the addition of a third love interest. Catherine revolves around two girls with the same name (spelled differently) that you choose between. Full Body will introduce a third “Catherine” into the mix named Rin in the Japanese version. Rin works as a pianist at the bar that main character Vincent regularly visits.

Very little is known about Rin’s personality other than that she is an honest and gentle person. Her addition into the main story of Catherine: Full Body will cause the new endings and branches that you can select. You will be able to switch between the new and traditional modes for those that prefer the original. A release date or price has yet to be announced for Catherine, but we do know that development on the remake is around halfway complete.