Catherine 2 Teased by Atlus

Catherine 2 may very well be coming soon. The game’s Golden Playhouse returned in the form of a recent livestream that developer Atlus hosted. Entitled the “Golden Recruitment Special Program,” the event was held as an introduction to the recently formed Studio Zero development team.

As a sort of throwback, the entire recruitment livestream was oozing with Catherine references. From the Golden Playhouse namedrop — a nod to the original game’s story mode title — to familiar music from the 2011 game, to even the appearance of the host Trisha.

While Studio Zero itself may not be directly involved in the production of a Catherine 2, given that it is busy with the development of the mysterious Project Re Fantasy, this could be acting as a simple tease for the future of the provocative puzzle platformer series.



By far the most alarming tease for a potential sequel is the end of the livestream. Trisha concluded the stream on behalf of Atlus, asking her creators whether or not she would have the spotlight ever again. She then followed that up with excitement for whatever her next job will be.

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This could be nothing more than eye-catching fan service, but there is at least hope now for a Catherine 2 in development. The first title released back in 2011 late in the console generation, setting both record sales for Atlus with 700,000 copies sold and far exceeding Atlus’ expectations.

For more on the Atlus livesteam, you can check it out at Persona Central. Do you think a Catherine 2 could be on the way? More importantly, is more Catherine something you would want to see? Let us know in the comments.