Catherine: Full Body Death By Nightmare trailer curses you with bad dreams

The Catherine: Full Body Death by Nightmare trailer is here and it gives players both old and new a solid look at what they can expect from this upcoming game from Atlus! Catherine: Full Body is a strange puzzle game about two women named Catherine and Katherine, sheep, and infidelity. No, really. It’s a rather surreal title laced with sexuality and comedy, and now we have a cool new trailer that shows us some gameplay and scenes from the game!

The first few moments of the Catherine: Full Body Death by Nightmare trailer open with the game’s protagonist walking in a strange realm surrounded by a bunch of sheep. He awakens in his bed, only to discover the blond woman Catherine in his bed, causing him to break out in a sweat and panic. The next few scenes show that single men have died in their sleep somehow and the player character comments that he’s been having odd dreams lately. We then get a look at some of the puzzle platformer gameplay in Cathrine: Full Body. Finally, the trailer closers with a fast-paced montage of images and anime cutscenes from the game.

Aside from the debut of this new trailer, players now have the opportunity to pre-order the Catherine: Full Body “Heart’s Desire” Premium Edition. This premium edition of the game includes a metal case, a collector’s box, a sheep plush, a soundtrack, a hardcover artbook, and (of course) the game itself, all in one neat package. Alternatively, you can pre-order the launch edition which simply includes the game in a limited-edition metal case.

You can watch the Catherine: Full Body Death by Nightmare trailer for yourself below. Catherine: Full Body is expected to launch for the PlayStation 4 on September 3, 2019. You can pre-order the premium edition of the game via the game’s official website at a price of $79.99 or your regional equivalent or you can just grab the launch edition at a price of $59.99.