Persona 5 S release date reportedly set for during fall 2019

The Persona 5 S release date will be reportedly during fall 2019. This is according to Mr. Ohya, who has proven accurate on a number of “Persona 5 R” leaks before the eventual official announcement. As the “S” in the name suggests, Persona 5 S is said to be a Nintendo Switch version of the previous PS3 and PS4 exclusive title.

Mr. Ohya states that Atlus will be releasing Persona 5 as P5S for both Nintendo Switch and PS4, during fall 2019.

It’s not clear what will make the Persona 5 S PS4 version different to the non-S PS4 version, or if this is an error by Mr. Ohya.

As for when we’ll hear an official announcement, Mr. Ohya says that “before May, you’ll have your info.” We can expect Atlus to reveal more about Persona 5 S during that month.

With Persona 5‘s Joker character coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there has been heavy speculation about Nintendo and Atlus working together on other projects. There was Persona Q2 for Nintendo 3DS, but recent teases from Atlus pointed towards something more.

What’s more, towards the end of 2018, Atlus was busy registering various “Persona 5” domain names. These included “P5R,” an acronym that was then spotted on the Atlus official website. “P5M” and P5B” were also registered (via Push Square), and so the mystery deepens and becomes all the more confusing.

Needless to say, even with the new information provided by Mr. Ohya on Twitter, we’ll still need to wait for Atlus’ official confirmation before we truly know what exactly it is planning. With so many Persona games and spin-offs out there, it’s hard to accurately estimate what exactly will be revealed. With that said, a Nintendo Switch version of Persona 5 is becoming increasingly likely, which is good news for fans of deep JRPGs, that can also be taken on the go.