Battlefield 5 Firestorm gameplay trailer shows the battle royale mode in action

Pretty much everybody has got to do a battle royale thing nowadays, and Battlefield is no different. The Battlefield 5 Firestorm gameplay trailer shows off exactly how the game’s brand-new battle royale mode will work. It seems largely the same on the surface as many other titles in the genre, but Firestorm also boasts some interesting twists that should appeal to battle royale fans everywhere.

The first thing you’d notice in the Battlefield 5 Firestorm gameplay trailer is the titular firestorm. This isn’t a game where a mysterious ring of energy is going to make any sense for the border, so the developers have decided to go with an advancing wall of fire that closes in on the map. As with other titles in the genre, being on the wrong side of the border will cause players damage over time and put them at serious risk of dying. What’s unique about this mechanic is that it will also destroy any buildings in its path, making it much harder for players outside of the circle to hunker down in cover.

17 different vehicles are available for the first iteration of Firestorm including a prototype helicopter. Some of these vehicles will simply be available in the open, but some of these vehicles are sealed away in vehicle lockups. These will take a team effort to open the doors, but they also contain some of the game’s most powerful armored killing machines. Keep in mind that this is a game in the Battlefield series — a tank or APC can go down just as easily from a well-aimed anti-armor rocket.

Weapons, too, are largely the same with other games in the genre. Pickups of various rarities are peppered throughout the map. Strongboxes will contain the best available guns, but players must make themselves vulnerable by trying to crack the safe. It seems to make for a nice balance of risk and reward. Speaking of risks, players won’t get killed outright if their health is depleted. Players who take some serious damage will end up on the ground and can get picked back up by their alllies. They won’t be entirely defenseless, either — a downed player can still pop off some shots with a pistol.

Finally, there are Resupply Point Objectives for players to complete. Essentially, you must send up a wired zeppelin and hold the area underneath it for a short amount of time. Succeed, and you can get a range of bonus loot to kit out your squad. Loot can include high-quality weapons, an airstrike, a V1 rocket, and even a tank. You can watch the Battlefield 5 Firestorm gameplay trailer for yourself below.