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Battlefield Firestorm Duos | Will there be a Duos mode?

The new Firestorm battle royale mode is now available to play in Battlefield 5, giving owners of the game access to a new survival experience, complete with an array of vehicles on a massive map. This game mode has been anticipated since Battlefield 5 released last November, and looks to be an excellent addition in our review of the game mode. However, many players are questioning the absence of Battlefield Firestorm Duos, as the game currently only has either a Solo or Trios mode to play with allies. Read on to find out will there be a Duos mode in Battlefield Firestorm?

Battlefield Firestorm Duos | Will there be a Duos mode?

Battlefield Firestorm Duos

While there may not be a permanent Duos mode, EA have announced that they will be trialing a two-player squad playlist in a future update. According to their 2019 roadmap, EA have said that a Battlefield Firestorm Duos mode will be available to play for a limited time in April, which is included in the next chapter of the game’s Tides of War content schedule. There haven’t been any details on a specific release date, but this announcement means that you can expect the Duos mode to become available sometime next month.

It’s not clear if EA intends to keep the Duos mode permanent after this trial period, but more details will likely be announced soon. In the meantime, you can read up on all the tips & tricks in Firestorm, explaining the 12 landmarks on the map, along with a looting guide, and more details on the Ring of Fire. By the time the Battlefield Firestorm Duos mode does release next month, we’ll likely have a better idea of what future EA has in store for the battle royale, with the potential for it to become a standalone free-to-play game, available for everyone to join.