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Battlefield Firestorm Tips | 11 things I wish I knew before playing

You’ve come here for some Battlefield Firestorm tips, haven’t you. Luckily for you, we’ve got the lowdown on the things you’ll want to know, and the tricks to getting better at it, before you dive in and play. Read on for our 11 Battlefield Firestorm tips that you must know before playing.

Battlefield Firestorm Tips | Basic tricks

Battlefield Firestorm Tips

Parachute in with both sticks

Finding the best place to land in Battlefield Firestorm is key to unearthing the best loot and, hopefully, being in the right place to fight. If you use both controller sticks while you are parachuting in, you’ll have a much more precise landing than just using your left analog stick.

Find a large backpack as soon as possible

Like other battle royale games, Battlefield Firestorm allows you to carry more gear if you find a backpack. The large backpack gives you an additional six inventory slots on top of the four you start with. Be on the lookout for these bad boys, as you’ll be able to carry more ammo, health packs, and other useful gadgets with them.

Make note of the 12 landmarks

When you’re free-falling for the first time, keep an eye out for the 12 most distinct landmarks on Firestorm’s map, like Halvoy for instance. These landmarks always contain the best loot in the game. If you happen to land near one, scavenge it for loot as soon as possible.

Be aware that other squads will likely go for the same buildings though. You could face a quick battle to get the best items. If you’re on the wrong side of it, your game will be over before it’s begun.

Battlefield Firestorm Tips | Survival

Battlefield Firestorm Tips

Be aware of the Ring of Fire’s location

The Ring of Fire is Battlefield Firestorm’s version of the closing ring in other battle royale games. It destroys everything in its path, and you’ll be burned to a crisp if you get caught in its path.

Always keep an eye open on how close or far away you are from it. As the timer ticks down, make sure you’re within the new zone before the ring closes. If you don’t, you’ll be burned alive.

Stick with your squad

We hate to be the ones to say thisespecially for a battle royale modebut stay with your teammates. Don’t go rogue, don’t go solo, and don’t try to be the hero of your four-person squad. It won’t end well. Your best hope of survival is to stick together, and take out opponents as a unit. It’ll be curtains for you otherwise.

Turn the tide with Reinforcements

Reinforcements can help swing the battle for survival in your favor. You can earn a flare gun by completing objectives in-game, such as opening safesmore on those belowor securing random supply drops on Halvoy.

These flare guns can provide you with supply drops of powerful loot, artillery strikes, or even a v-1 Rocket. Other squads will notice when you use them though. Don’t expect to get your high-tier loot without a fight, or to kill everyone with your aerial weapons.

Don’t always camp out

You may think you’re safe inside one of Battlefield Firestorm’s buildings. You may also think you can just camp out, and wait for enemies to show before taking them out.

We have bad news for you. Your building can be destroyed. Whether it’s via a tank shell, or a V-1 rocket, you’re not always safe tucked away in a corner of a house. Always stay on the move, and only hide away if you need to heal up or reload.

Battlefield Firestorm Tips | Looting

Battlefield Firestorm Tips

Look out for Strongboxes

Strongboxes are Battlefield Firestorm’s equivalent of loot crates. They contain weapons, ammo, armor, health kits, and other items. You’ll need to scavenge as many of these as you can to find the loot worth keeping.

Strongboxes are located across Halvoy, but they’re particularly common around the 12 most notable landmarks. Again, be advised you could face a fight for them if you head in the direction of any of these landmarks.

Keep your safe, safe!

If you enter a landmark, you might strike lucky and find a safe. Safes contain high-value loot, so rub your hands together as you may find epic armor or a superb weapon that will win you the game.

The only problem when you find a safe is that they take 20 seconds to open. You’ll need your squad to watch your back while you pry it open for its goodies, so keep your safe safe!

Roll like thunder in a vehicle

Bunkers can be found across Halvoy, and some of them will contain vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, and sports cars. You can use these to travel across Halvoy faster and even deal damage to any opponents that stand in your way.

You’ll need two players to open these quickly, as one player is needed to open a mechanism on each door. A solo player can open them too but, naturally, they take longer to bust open.

Oh, and there’s the small fact that an alarm is triggered when you break into them. This siren alerts all players that you’ve opened one of the prized locations, with their vehicles and high-tier loot on offer to all challengers. Grab what you can, and drive before you lose it all.

Hang onto fuel

You might come across a fuel tank during your travels, but you need space for more pressing items. If we were you, you may want to hold onto that fuel canister, as it’ll come in handy if you find a vehicle worth traveling in.

Fuel is needed to power your vehicles, and there’s only a limited supply of it around. You wouldn’t like to come across, say, a Panzer tank and have no fuel to fill it with. Yep, just keep that tucked away until you find a vehicle worth using it on.