Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week 4/12/2019

It’s finally Friday, which means it’s now time for your Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week round-up. This is where we compile all of the significant video game fails that happened over the last seven days, and give them the spotlight that they deserve (but probably don’t want). If you find yourself wanting more content like this, be sure to visit But now, let’s crack on with those fails!

gaming fails

Borderlands 2 review bombing is being addressed by Valve

Following the confirmation that the PC version of Borderlands 3 would be a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store, gamers took to Steam to vent their frustrations by way of leaving negative reviews for Borderlands 2.

To counter the impact that these reviews had on the game’s overall rating, Valve has marked the negative (and positive) reviews as “off topic review activity.” This activity is ignored by the rating system, negating the damage done by the “review bombing.”

Google Play is full of adult games rated for kids

A number of adult games have been found on the Google Play Store with their age ratings listed as “PEGI 3.” Apps that feature shooting, stabbing, gore, and microtransaction gambling have been listing themselves as suitable for children, going unpunished by Google.

gaming fails

Burnout spiritual successor Dangerous Driving doesn’t include a soundtrack

Despite being a “spiritual successor” to the Burnout series, Dangerous Driving doesn’t actually feature a soundtrack. Instead, the game suggests players link a Spotify Premium account.

Considering the Burnout franchise was well-known for its music, it’s understandable why some fans may find the music-less Dangerous Driving to be a tad disappointing.

Smash Ultimate stage builder mode accidentally revealed by Nintendo

During a scene in the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate TV advertisement, a “Stage Builder” option menu can be spotted. This suggests that the game will be getting a Stage Builder mode in an upcoming update, which hadn’t yet been officially confirmed.