The Daily Vote | What is the best Nintendo game ever?

The Daily Vote is a daily community feature in which GameRevolution’s readers choose the victor of a hotly-contested topic. This week, we decide on the best Nintendo game EVER. From the NES to the Switch, which game is better than ALL the rest?

This one’s a biggie. If yesterday’s vote on the best PlayStation game ever was a tough one, then how on Earth are we going to decide the best Nintendo game ever?! There have been multiple classics across the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Switch, and more, with there being almost too many critically-acclaimed games over the years.

We’ve rounded them down to four of the greatest in the below tweet — Breath of the WildSuper Smash Bros MeleeSuper Mario World, and Metroid Prime — though if you disagree with our choices, you can leave your own thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll reveal the winner in Monday’s The Daily Vote!

Paul Tamburro, GR’s executive editor: “My vote’s for Super Mario World. Though there have been Nintendo games since the SNES launch title that have been more technically capable, more revolutionary, and more original, SMW is basically condensed joy. Every world’s brimming with color and personality, there are so many secrets to uncover, and I’ve played it so many times I feel like I could beat it with my eyes shut.

Jason Faulkner, GR’s senior editor: “I vote for Breath of the Wild. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first Nintendo game I remember playing in the last decade or so that I didn’t have to make excuses for. In the Wii and Wii U days, Nintendo had some great games, but I remember having to really get my rose-tinted glasses on when I compared them to titles from other studios on other platforms. For the first time in a long time, Nintendo released a game that felt “modern.” The exploration, combat, and even the visuals make it a game that compares very favorably to its peers, and it still retains that unique Nintendo feeling that has kept the company a fan favorite.”

Mack Ashworth, GR’s lead editor: “My vote is for Breath of the Wild. It was the ultimate launch title that helped catapult the Nintendo Switch into success. It’s a technological marvel, looking fantastic and playing incredibly at-home and on-the-go. It provided both a nostalgic experience for those who had ventured through previous games, while also introducing improved dungeons, a more interesting open world, and new survival elements.”

Bradley Russell, GR’s news editor: “I’ll be silently judging every person who doesn’t overlook the above entries to vote for Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker instead. Sure, it may lack the epic scale of a Breath of the Wild or the shock value of an Ocarina of Time, but it’s the Zelda I grew up with and that’s that. Nintendo games are almost always tied in some way to our childhoods and I’m sure many of you can remember searching every inch of Windfall Island, or sneaking your way around Forsaken Fortress, like it was yesterday. Wind Waker also showed that Nintendo wouldn’t play it safe when it didn’t have to, and paved the way for more stylized games for years to come.

Michael Leri, GR’s features editor: “I’ll admit to having a Nintendo-sized hole in my gaming experiences but I’m going my own way and picking Metroid Zero Mission. It was my first Metroid and where I fell in love with the Metroid formula. Even though the genre has had some great entries as of late, that game’s atmosphere and sense of exploration has withstood the test of time and still remained my favorite Nintendo title.”

Yesterday’s winner

What is the best PlayStation game ever?

  1. The Last of Us – 37%
  2. God of War (2018) – 25%
  3. Metal Gear Solid – 20%
  4. Final Fantasy VII – 18%