Days Gone and 10 other high profile E3 disappointments

Days Gone is almost upon us. Despite some previews coming in better than expected, this zombie biker adventure isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. This could be because of its E3 showings, which peaked early and got less and less impressive. While the jury is still out, it’s out of the norm for Sony and many other companies with press conferences for that matter. Typically, your big tentpole releases incite excitement, but sometimes they only breed contempt. With that in mind, let’s dig into video game conference history to find 10 more high profile E3 disappointments while we hope that Days Gone turns out A-OK.

You might think that we’re jumping the gun by lumping in Days Gone with other E3 disappointments. However, just because a game makes a bad showing at E3 doesn’t mean that it will end up as a horrible product when you bring it home. The original Halo: Combat Evolved famously had a terrible showing in the months before launch at the show, with levels that would crash repeatedly. Bungie turned in a genre-defining experience by the end of development, but it still technically qualifies as an E3 disappointment. Will Days Gone make a similar leap in quality? We can’t say for sure, but it’s always possible.

Even if Days Gone (Amazon link) is remembered as an E3 disappointment, that’s not the worst fate in the world. Plenty of games never see the light of day, or appear on lesser stages and fade back into the ether. Days Gone has been on Sony’s E3 stage enough times that it will always have a place in certain minds. The minds that scour over E3 history and pick apart decades-old marketing strategies. Isn’t it better to be a weird footnote in E3 disappointment history than to end up as a good video game?

Wait. No. No, it isn’t. Forget we said anything.

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