Dino Crisis fans left empty-handed after disappointing Capcom E3 2021 show

Dino Crisis fans are a long-suffering bunch, and their pan continues after Capcom didn’t announce a new entry in the series at E3 2021. While it always looked unlikely that a new Dino Crisis game would be announced for PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC, that didn’t stop the game from trending following Capcom’s disappointing show.

Fans mourn over no new Dino Crisis game announcements

Dino Crisis was trending worldwide after fans gathered to mourn the lack of a new announcement. Capcom instead used its E3 2021 announcement to say that development had “just started” on Resident Evil Village DLC, show off some gameplay from Monster Hunter Stories 2 and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and talk about esports. There wasn’t even a closing, surprise game to round out the show.

While Capcom didn’t imply it would be making big reveals at the event, any publisher showing up and putting on an E3 presentation is expected to have at least game to showcase. Instead, Capcom showed us clips from games we already know exist and that will be released soon, before closing out the show to a bunch of confused viewers.

Chief among these are Dino Crisis fans, who convince themselves with each E3 or Capcom announcement that a new Dino Crisis game is on its way. As a result of the long-forgotten series being overlooked once again, fans took to Twitter to grieve together:

There’s no saying whether or not Capcom will ever return to Dino Crisis. According to prominent Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem, development on a new Dino Crisis game was started a few years ago before being canceled, with the franchise now continuing to lie dormant:

While a brand new Dino Crisis game might be a tall ask at this juncture, fans have also been asking for remastered versions of the original games. This would be an easier task, though it seems that Capcom isn’t interested in returning to this series anytime soon.

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