Days Gone’s zombie waves and 10 other undead innovations

When Days Gone premiered at E3 2016, many weren’t sure what to make of it, but everyone took away one key visual. The game’s zombie waves is perhaps the game’s most striking hook. This is when hordes of undead move in unison like something out of World War Z. At that E3, the Days Gone zombie waves got people talking. It’s yet another example of an innovative way game designers have used the undead in recent years. Zombies are an ever-present threat in games in many different ways. While we wait to ride out Days Gone‘s zombie waves, let’s count down 10 more ways games surprised us with zombies over the years.

The Days Gone (Amazon Link) zombie waves we saw in 2016 were impressive. However, we’ve seen less of that tech over the last two years. Some hands-on previews mention these battles, but the trailers have focused more on the game’s post-apocalyptic story. It makes sense to play to Sony’s strengths as a publisher, but there’s a lot about the world that Bend Studio has created which cribs from other material. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it makes the potential combat fun all the more important. We have plenty of games about bikers but far less about having to deal with a literal tidal wave of monsters.

Of course, we could have at least one other example of the Days Gone zombie wave concept. Saber Interactive’s World War Z is coming out around the same time, and their source material invented the zombie wave concept. Saber’s game won’t be in direct competition due to a multiplayer focus. Still, two big releases in the already crowded market of games about the undead? That’s a lot of zombie games.

Will Days Gone have what it takes to compete? Will it be gone from the sales chart in a matter of days? We won’t have long to wait and find out.

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