Days Gone PC patch fixes mouse issues but not controller troubles

Sony’s open-world motorbike zombie game arrived on Steam last week and the Days Gone PC 1.02 patch notes are now here, the second update for the PC version in that time. However, while this new Days Gone PC update offers much-requested relief for players using mouse and keyboard controls, there’s still no news on support for the other controller issues players have reported. So what is in the Days Gone patch for today, May 25?

What’s in the latest Days Gone PC 1.02 patch notes?

Days Gone PC 1.02 patch notes

Version 1.02 patch notes

  • Fixed camera issues when using a mouse
  • Fixed difficulties with the mouse feeling like there is a “dead zone”

The latest update for the PC version of Days Gone dropped today and it’s only a small patch, but 1.02 eliminates one of the biggest problems PC players have had with the game so far, which were the mouse issues. Basically, the developer made the mouse with Days Gone on PC to emulate a controller stick, which doesn’t really work when it comes to PC controls as it makes the camera feel slow and sluggish. While the game was made with gamepads in mind, it’s not unreasonable that PC players would prefer mouse and keyboard play, so it’s good that this issue has seemingly been corrected.

However, players have reported other controller issues that neither 1.02 nor the previous patch have fixed. There is a fix for gamepad analog sticks not working correctly, where steering the bike becomes more difficult than it needs to be, but the developer had promised a more permanent patch for the issue which has not currently materialized. Beyond that, there is currently a big issue with a black screen bug where the only fix is to restart the game or reload a checkpoint, which can be really annoying when exploring the world far from a save point. Hopefully these issues and others will get sorted out in a larger patch soon.