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Days Gone PC analog sticks don’t work fix

Some players are finding that the analog sticks on their controller aren’t working when trying to play Days Gone on PC. It’s incredibly frustrating to start the game and not be able to control the motorcycle. Fortunately, this is an easy fix, and players start their post-apocalyptic biker journey in no time.

How to fix joysticks not working in Days Gone PC

Days Gone Analog Stick Steam Menu Fix

When starting a Days Gone playthrough on PC, they may find that their controller works to navigate the menus but find they can’t control the motorcycle when the game starts. Oddly, the controller will even work to control Deak on foot if the player dismounts the bike. However, no matter what players do in the game’s menu, the analog sticks just stop working when riding the motorcycle.

To fix the analog sticks not working in Days Gone, players need to turn off the Xbox Configuration Support in their Steam settings. We haven’t seen this with any other title, but if Xbox Configuration Support is checked in Steam Controller Settings, the analog sticks just won’t work when Deak is on his bike in Days Gone.

To turn off Xbox Configuration Support in Steam:

  • Click on “Steam” in the upper left corner of the main window.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Use the left menu to choose “Controller.”
  • Click on the General Controller Settings button
  • Make sure all the boxes are unchecked in the window that pops up.

Once all the options in the General Controller Settings window are deactivated, the analog sticks should work in Days Gone. We’re not sure why this issue occurs, especially since the analog sticks work fine on foot. Fortunately, this quick fix seems to be a permanent solution, and we’ve encountered no other issues during our playthrough.

We’ve only been able to test the game with an Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. However, we’d assume similar issues when using other controllers can be solved in the same way.