Best May 2019 Games | Hottest releases on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch

The video game industry has already seen a diverse array of quality software release this year. Fighting games like Dead or Alive 6 and Mortal Kombat 11 have launched alongside blockbuster titles like Days Gone and Kingdom Hearts 3. Platformers like Yoshi’s Crafted World have seen the light of day alongside surprise hits like Apex Legends and Tetris 99. If May serves any indication, there’s plenty more in store for everyone. Even virtual reality fans have a few releases to look forward to, as next month promises the arrival of both Everybody’s Golf VR and Trover Saves the Universe. The following are all the best May 2019 games that PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC users should keep on their radars.

May 2019 Games | A Plague Tale: Innocence

May 2019 Games

A Plague Tale: Innocence promises to immerse players in a period in history that video games seldom explore when it launches on May 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Set during the outset of the Hundred Years’ War and the Black Plague, the title tasks fans with navigating through puzzles that usually involve scores of menacing rats. Protagonists Amicia and her younger brother, Hugo, can utilize fire to scare rodents away or interact with environments in order to create escape routes.

That’s not to say that these rats can’t be used to one’s advantage, as Amicia can direct them to human enemies that may be blocking the path ahead. A Plague Tale isn’t the type of game that comes to mind when one thinks about medieval warfare, but its uniqueness may be what separates it from its action-oriented peers this May.

May 2019 Games | Rage 2

rage 2 preview, May 2019 Games

When Rage 2 was leaked by Walmart Canada last year, many fans dismissed the listing as an error. To their surprise, Bethesda confirmed the game’s existence a few days later with a trailer that showcases a noticeably different tone from the original 2011 title. While Rage 2 is set in the same post-apocalyptic open world as the first entry, it’ll encourage players to wreak more havoc by giving them access to a host of new Nanotrite-based powers and an arsenal of explosive firearms from the get-go.

Fast healing abilities may help ensure that there’s never a break in the action, and vehicular combat may help diversify gameplay a bit. Fans will be able to colorfully mow down heaps of savage mutants when Rage 2 releases on May 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

May 2019 Games | Team Sonic Racing

May 2019 Games

When you stop to think about it, it’s nonsensical for Sonic the Hedgehog to be racing around in a car. The Blue Blur is one of the fastest video game mascots of all time, after all. Team Sonic Racing may finally offer fans some much-needed explanation when it launches on May 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. In this entry, players are tasked with winning races by working together as a team to earn points.

While being fast is still important, players must also be mindful of how well their teammates are performing. The most efficient group of anthropomorphic characters is ultimately the one that reigns victorious. The industry hasn’t seen a robust kart racing game launch since 2017’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so now may be a great time for Sonic and his buddies to shine.

May 2019 Games | Everybody’s Golf VR

May 2019 Games

Many video game fans may not know that the Everybody’s Golf franchise (formerly known as Hot Shots Golf in North America) has a devoted following among members of the PlayStation community. Its 13th entry, Everybody’s Golf VR, is set to release on May 21 exclusively for PlayStation VR, promising to immerse new and old golf aficionados with realistic mechanics and idyllic courses.

Players can try their best to nail the perfect shot by using the PlayStation Move controller as a club. At the same time, they’ll have to pay attention to factors like terrain and wind direction in order to determine aim and swing power. A practice mode will be included for fans to figure out which direction they’re shooting off to and if their putts are within bounds. Everybody’s Golf VR may turn out to be an excellent game for golf fans to play during off-seasons or rainy days.

May 2019 Games | Total War: Three Kingdoms 

May 2019 Games

Total War: Three Kingdoms will hope to engage history fans with its strategic turn-based gameplay when it releases on May 23 for PC. As its name suggests, this entry in the critically acclaimed franchise has players control a myriad of warring factions during China’s tumultuous Three Kingdoms period. Fans will be able to command infantry and cavalry units as real-life warlords like Sun Jian, Lu Bu, Liu Bei, and Cao Cao. Each of these leaders possesses romanticized attributes that aid him in battle, like powerful horses or special weapons and armor.

Those who prefer a historically accurate take can experience the game in Records mode, while those who’d like to stick with mythology can choose Romance mode. No matter your interest in Chinese dynasties, there’s no denying that developer Creative Assembly is pouring a lot of detail into Three Kingdoms to ensure an informative and fascinating experience.

May 2019 Games | Trover Saves the Universe

May 2019 Games

Justin Roiland’s newest comedy adventure game, Trover Saves the Universe, is set to debut on May 31 for PS4. Rick and Morty fans may find plenty to love about Trover as he helps the player reclaim their dogs from a villain named Glorkon. The monster plans on using one’s canine companions in order to destroy the universe somehow. Trover is apathetic about the whole thing, so it’s up to the player to convince him that this is actually kind of a big deal. Though little else is known about the title, people who’ve enjoyed Job Simulator or Accounting may be in store for another good time. We’ve even enjoyed it both times we played it.

With E3 returning in a few weeks, there’s no telling what surprises lie around the corner. Fans would be wise to finish up whatever games remain on their backlog lest another onslaught drown them for the rest of 2019. They may have a lot more quality software to occupy their time this year, given the launch of Shenmue 3 and Control this summer and the long-awaited return of the Borderlands franchise this fall. It may be hard to resist enjoying the warm weather, but we all have games that need our attention.