GameRevolution Radio | Let’s talk about games journalism

Oh boy, here we go. In this week’s GameRevolution Radio we discuss the topic of downtime, and how gaming sites such as GameRevolution deal with covering an entire industry that isn’t doing much of anything right now. However, while doing so, we also opened up the floodgates to a broader topic in general: games journalism.

Games journalism has now become so inextricably linked with salty Twitter users barking about “keeping politics out of games” that it’s difficult to talk about it without causing a stir. You can’t engage in a frank discussion about this career without someone piping up to suggest that your latest review was paid off by a publisher, or that you should write about games “objectively,” or that any games featuring characters belonging to a minority are automatically political.

As most games journalists would prefer a more fruitful, honest relationship with their audience, this disconnect between writer and reader is unfortunate. In this week’s GameRevolution Radio, we explore how trying it can be to continue to produce content when news and new releases slow to a trickle. We also tackle the Sekiro “difficulty vs. accessibility” controversy, and give some of our thoughts on the Borderlands 3 announcement.

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