10 Rocket League tips and tricks for Rocket Pass 3

As we venture towards the fourth anniversary of Rocket League, we can’t help but marvel at its continued success especially considering that it’s a sequel to a little-known PS3 title from 2008. This is a prime example of what service games can be at their best, and it’s still getting updates. We’re on Rocket Pass 3 now, and it comes complete with weekly challenges and plenty of loot to strive for. Want an advantage while grinding out Rocket Pass 3 and getting the best rewards? Here are some Rocket League tips and tricks to get you going.

Put together all of these Rocket League tips and tricks and you could be well on your way to success on the pitch. Psyonix still calls it a pitch even though it’s built for cars. We know they’re usually called arenas, but it’s still car soccer. Anyway, whether you’re blasting through Neo Tokyo or defending in the Badlands, you’ll still need to maintain a high level of play to succeed in Rocket League. Some of the players out there have been rocking these Rocket League tips and tricks for years, and they know a thing or two more than someone who’s just starting out on their battle-car journey.

However, even if you’re just messing around with friends, utilizing these Rocket League tips and tricks can be beneficial. You could teach your buddy a thing or two and keep the fun going for a few extra matches. It’s always more fun when you keep things competitive, even if you’re playing Psyonix’s weird basketball and hockey modes. Or if you’re punching cars out of midair with a spring-loaded boot. Or if you’re facing off against Dom from Fast and Furious and the Batmobile. Yeah, Rocket League got weird at some point, but that’s why millions still love playing it each month.