State of Play Broadcast | Everything we want to see from Sony

Sony is gearing up for another PlayStation State of Play broadcast later today. Seeing as how the company is forgoing a traditional press conference at E3 this year, it may feel like there’s a need to provide fans with an update before Microsoft, Nintendo, and third-party publishers undoubtedly disclose tons of news at the annual event. The following are a few things that Sony fans may be treated to soon. Keep in mind that the company has already stated it doesn’t plan to reveal any information regarding its next generation of hardware during the stream. It’s important to also note that Sony has confirmed this broadcast will last around 10 minutes.

The Last of Us Part 2 release date

The Last of Us 2's final scene, Uncharted 5, sony, e3

A recent rumor suggests that Sony is set to announce The Last of Us Part 2 release date soon. According to a Resetera user named Aokiji, the likes of which correctly predicted the first State of Play broadcast months ago, fans can expect an official update on the game “before E3.” Sony’s upcoming stream is a likely candidate, as Naughty Dog doesn’t usually host presentations or showcases independently.

In his post, Aokiji went on to hint that The Last of Us Part 2 will launch sometime this year. This seems unlikely, as the game’s developer announced that it had wrapped up shooting for the title less than two months ago. While it’s certainly possible that it could launch in November or December, it seems more probable that fans will be able to play the sequel sometime in 2020. We may not have to wait long to find out for sure.

Death Stranding trailer

Death Stranding TGS 2018, sony

Last week, Hideo Kojima announced that he had been editing a new trailer for his upcoming game Death Stranding. At the Tribeca Film Festival, the man stated that a new reveal for the game is slated for “a month or so. Maybe.” Another look at Death Stranding during the next State of Play broadcast would make sense given Kojima’s recent teases.

It will be interesting to see how the man manages to fit the game into what Sony claims to be a brief broadcast. Something akin to the title’s trailer at last year’s Tokyo Game Show would be ideal, seeing as how it successfully revealed Troy Baker’s menacing role in a little over a minute. Of course, the developer may opt to skip the showcase entirely, seeing as how the video he was working on looks to be around eight minutes long.

Though fans would love a release date, it’s unlikely that Kojima would disclose that information in what could be a tiny glimpse of the title. Whatever the case may be, here’s hoping that we’ll learn more about the game sooner rather than later. For starters, more details regarding the game’s story and an in-depth look at the Death Stranding‘s gameplay would be nice.

Dreams release date

Dreams PlayStation Plus, sony

Media Molecule’s Dreams released its Early Access version on April 16. A month may be enough time for the developer to determine what it needs to tweak before the game settles on a firm release date. Seeing as how it’s still slated to come out sometime this year, it seems probable that a formal launch date will be announced at Sony’s upcoming State of Play broadcast.

It’s a given that Dreams will release before the other first-party titles currently in development for the PlayStation 4, as it was revealed way back in 2013. While the game has been getting good publicity thanks to the awesome creations that fans have made in Early Access, it would be wise for Sony to begin promoting the title more heavily in the months ahead. A release date announcement during the next State of Play broadcast help initiate a compelling marketing campaign for the title.

More footage of Ghost of Tsushima


Very little is known about Sucker Punch’s upcoming open world samurai game, Ghost of Tsushima. It was announced during Sony’s Paris Games Week presentation in 2017 and a live gameplay demo was shown off at the company’s E3 showcase in 2018, which we saw a behind closed doors demo of. The developer shared some story details and announced that Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi would craft music for the game last year, but there’s been no news surrounding the title since then except a few rumors.

While it’s great that Sony is being cautious about not announcing software too early, a bit more of Ghost of Tsushima‘s world or gameplay could be shown off at the company’s newest PlayStation-centric stream. There may not be enough time for a deep dive into its systems, but Sucker Punch may be able to disclose more details about the game’s plot with a short trailer. A release date may not be appropriate for the broadcast, but some new tidbits of information could always help remind fans what the studio behind the critically acclaimed Infamous franchise is currently working on.

Sony has already stated that PlayStation Worldwide Studios will show off an extended look at MediEvil and a new title is set to be revealed during this second State of Play broadcast. While it’s unlikely that fans will see every upcoming first-party game appear during the stream, there’s a good chance that they’ll learn a lot more about each title within the next 12 months on some other State of Play stream. Of course, they can also expect to learn more about Sony’s newest hardware iteration during that time frame. Greatness may indeed lie in wait, and more great exclusives in the vein of BloodborneHorizon Zero Dawn, and God of War could be just around the corner.