Ghost of Tsushima release date could be later than expected, hints job listing

The Ghost of Tsushima release date may be later than what most players are expecting. A new job posting by developer Sucker Punch hints that there’s still a lot that may need to be done before the game’s release.

Sucker Punch posted a job listing over at Gamasutra looking for a Narrative Writer specifically for Ghost of Tsushima. This posting seems to hint that the bulk of the story for the game may not yet be complete.

Sony and Sucker Punch first revealed Ghost of Tsushima at the former’s press conference at the Paris Games Week in 2017. The game is the latest open world adventure from Sucker Punch, and their first new IP after years of working on the Infamous franchise.

Players play as Jin Sakai, a samurai on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Jin has been forced to master “the way of the Ghost” because of the invasion. Subsequent trailers have shown him using ninja tools such as a grappling hook and even doing stealth kills.

Having been in development for at least 3 years now, players have naturally been expecting to game to come out soon. However, the job posting seems to indicate otherwise.

That Sucker Punch is looking for a Narrative Writer now may indicate one of two things: Either the team has only started working on the game’s narrative at this point, or there’s been a change in the story and the previous writer left the project. The game being released soon is something that neither of these scenarios support. This is especially true when factoring in time for voice acting and motion capture.

The only other alternative is more optimistic: If this job listing is for bits of the story outside the main narrative, it’s possible that Sucker Punch could simply need some help with writing side missions.

Whatever the case may be, Ghost of Tsushima is still one of the more exciting projects coming to PlayStation 4. Here’s hoping that it does come out sooner, rather than later.